Thursday, November 3, 2011


Are you saved? Are you sure? Are you really sure? What is the evidence?
Are you saved because you said a prayer one time and asked Jesus into your heart? What happened after that?
Did your life change or you just went back to living the same way as before? What is the evidence of your salvation if you walk the same, talk the same and dress the same?
What is the mark that sets you apart as a child of God when you watch everything, listen to everything and say anything at anytime? How can you watch sin being paraded in front of you in the form of sitcoms and movies and series and games and laugh and enjoy it when your father hates sin?
Why are you so relaxed in that chair and in that bed and couch watching blood being shed in front of you and wickedness being perpetuated in the land? Why are you watching such stuff on your TV and computer and laughing and enjoying the sin and wickedness in the land instead of being broken and in tears that such things are happening?
So I ask again: Are you saved? What is the evidence when all your prayers are directed at removing those obstacles in the way of you getting what YOU want and what YOU desire? How can you say you are when since the day you were born again all you still desire from God is bread and butter and lentils and cucumbers and onions when HE is offering Himself in His fullness to you?
How can you tell me you had an encounter with God and yet your desires and your character remain the same? All you want is to fulfil your desires and all you want to hear from God is a watered down Gospel that says He will give you all you want and He will make your life comfortable and good and enjoyable. How is it possible that this is all you desire if you have truly encountered God? How can you struggle with the same sins over and over again since you became ‘born again’?
How can you keep being an infant, feeding on the milk of repentance everyday instead of growing in your knowledge of Him? How can you stay there when there is more, so much more waiting for you? How can your attention be so fixed on things that fade away when the author and finisher of our faith stands with His arms open wide calling you to come and seek Him and His kingdom first? Things that weigh you down distract you and so consume you that you forget that He is still there. Aren’t you tired?
Are you sure you have encountered God? Are you very sure? If a car were to run you over right this minute at full speed would you just get up and walk off without so much as a scratch or a bruise or pain to show for that experience? Wouldn’t there be a sign or a bruise or bandages for everyone to see and ask you what had happened to you?
Then how can you encounter the Living breathing, all powerful, all knowing creator and God of the universe, the one who holds the earth in His hands and can put all the waters of the sea into a teacup, and remain the same? How is it even possible?
So I ask again: Are you saved? I am not writing this to encourage you to continue in your ways. I came that you may know that the gate  is small and the way narrow that leads unto salvation and few find it. If you find yourself on the very broad road with everyone else ask yourself if you are truly in the right place. If not repent and seek the way, truth and life. He is the only one who can save you. Leave all these things and seek Him because he alone is worthy of all your attention. Stop focusing on these tiny inconsequential things and let them fade away as you fix your eyes on the only true God.
I pray that God Himself stirs your heart with a passion and brokenness so intense that you cannot help but to run back to Him. Pray also for me and for whoever shared this with you and for yourself as you share that after doing this we may not be found falling short of the standard that is Jesus Christ Himself.