Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spontaneous worship.

My friend on Facebook shared this video and immediately I started listening to it,I knew I had found something I had been looking for.I listen to a lot of Bethel Church's music and I know how deep their worship albums are,but I had no idea that actual live worship at this church every Sunday(morning and night) was so amazing.I was supposed to be finishing a presentation and going to bed since it was late,but I had to stop and worship.I spent some beautiful time with my father before I went back to work.The way the worship leader leads with abandon and complete disregard for who is watching,only concerned with God and His love and pleasure,it was simply what we need to go into the presence of God.I'm praying that I can get to the point where I completely lose myself in God,so that everyone who sees me and who will be with me in worship will lose themselves too.And I am definitely praying to be able to visit this church if I ever visit California.