Sunday, April 14, 2013

Don't touch me!

I also happen to write poetry sometimes as an expression of my own challenges,when I learn something I want to share,for fun and very importantly when I feel led to share something that God's people need to hear.I wrote this really short piece a couple of days ago and in order to get the full picture,I want you to picture a scene with two young people,a man and a woman.One of them wants something from the other that the other feels is wrong because of God.Did you do that?Good.Now you're ready to read it!

Don’t touch me
I scream it at you
I beg it of you
I ask passionately for it
Don’t touch me
I’d rather not
Really don’t want to
I require it of you
Don’t touch me
Thrown back in my face
Don’t touch me
Would it be more powerful if I wept it?
Or if I were the child of the President
Would you stop if I said I was a daughter of the sea?
Don’t touch me
I am none of those
But I am the child of the King
Sacred,consecrated,set apart
Don’t touch me
I’d rather not
Really don’t want you to
My Father requires it of you too
So Please,Don’t TOUCH ME!

Does this sound like you?