Thursday, December 24, 2015

Back more ways than one

Dear God,
I've been missing. Not lost, just missing. But you already knew that. Its not as though you don't know about my disappearing act from writing and blogging. You know this, as well as you know me all.
Have you missed us having these chats out here? I did, just a teensy weensy little bit though. I mostly didn't, because for the longest time I was dry, shut up and unable to think of why we needed to do this for guests to read. Now I do know why. So here I am, back again, writing again if You'll let me keep writing.
I have so much I want to share, so much You want to say in these chats. I'm sorry I wasn't ready to be a shofar. I am now, so let's do this.

Let's do this today for the ones who are feeling alone this festive season. You see them so much better than I do, Father.
They're the ones watching movies all alone and wishing they had people to watch it with.
The ones whose spouses are so busy with life and everything else but them, leaving them with this gaping hole.
The one who is sitting behind the computer bored and just looking for something to keep them occupied.
 For the ones who feel lost, abandoned, lonely and far away from their families and loved ones.
For those in travel.
 For those with depression.
For those who are just aching for that hand to hold, that warmth of companionship, the giggles that are gone, the whispers in the night.

Let's do this for them, Lord. Let's give them some love, peace and joy as they read this. Let's tell them how much you're there with them in that bed, sofa, behind that computer or in that airport. Let them feel how much you're reaching over to catch that tea cup before it spills hot tea all over their computers. Wiping that lone tear traveling down their cheek. Giggling with them at the silliness of the main characters in the movie. Snuggling with them as they read. Holding their hands in yours as they walk in the snow, chilled, but wishing they were playing with a loved one outside.

Let's help them see, and know, and feel,  beyond a doubt, that they are not alone, that they don't have to feel alone, that there is a connection and intimacy with you that gives warmth beyond that of cuddling, peace beyond holding hands in the snow, and joy beyond watching a romantic comedy with loved ones and laughing together.
Do they see Lord? Because you do see, and you are there.

So I'm back again, in more ways than one, seeing, feeling and knowing this: I am not alone.
I love You, and I'm so glad to be welcomed back. Now, let's do this, shall we?