Friday, December 25, 2015

Your Love crushing every lie..

Hello God
Merry Christmas! I know its kind of interesting to wish you a Merry Christmas, seeing as we're commemorating something you did, but I do have a gift for you so its totally worth it :).
I saw something today that broke my heart God. A girl was asking the guy she liked if he'd like her back, once she lost weight. This broke my heart God. It made me remember the times when I didn't consciously think your love was conditional, but lived my life like it was. The things I allowed into my life. The places I went I should never have gone to. The people I allowed influence who should never have stepped foot in the door. The low price my owners bought me for.

I never truly understood that You, by nature, are unconditional. I didn't understand then that You, by nature, are Love. Love in all its beauty, its fierceness, its loyalty, its faithfulness, its honesty, its beauty, its wholeness, its purity, and yes, its emotion. I thought I was emotional, but I did not experience emotion till I got with you! I thought I knew what emotional was, till I saw Your emotion, and just had to wave the white flag.
Your emotion in its sacredness, in its Love, it got me, God. Love in such wholeness, You came down that first Christmas, and everyday since,  to find me and bring me back.
Thank you for You, crushing every lie, so I can celebrate my first real unconditionally loved Christmas.
Merry Christmas God. I love You.