Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hot or cold?

I have been missing for quite a while and I have to apologise for that.However,I'm back!I just wanted to use this short post to share a little something about how I have been these past few months.I recently left my home for school and in doing so have found myself in a very small town with very few churches that I can attend.I have had to make a lot of adjustments to just keep my head above water spiritually,and I have to say I don't think I am very healthy spiritually right now.I am working on getting back to a better place in my walk with God and thankfully,praying on the phone with friends and a lighthouse church has been very helpful,as well as listening to messages online and lots of worship music.I hope to move from this point of not hot to really hot soon.I hope that you guys are doing well yourselves.If you are down,I encourage you to pick yourself up and come back to the father again because he loves you!
I want to end with sharing a few worship tracks with you.I hope to put an actual playlist on this blog that you can play whenever you want but till then,please just click on the youtube links for the songs and enjoy them.Till next time,God be with you and abide in love!
1.Your love Oh God-Danielle Munizzi
2.Your love Oh God-Danielle Munizzi(cover by someone else..I like this version a lot)
3.I am yours-Misty Edwards
4.I love you presence-Kim Walker cover by someone else